5 May 1988


      Quebec, Qc


      Moguls - Group A




      Michel Hamelin, Vincent Sigouin & Steve Omischl. Physical trainers : Jonathan Pelletier Ouellet & Sean Nuggent


      – 8th place at the Olympics in Torino in 2006

      – 1st place at the World Cups in Japan for 2012 and 2013

      -3rd place World Cup standing overall for 2010-2011


      – French

      – English

    I’m Audrey Robichaud, 28 year old freestyle skier from Québec city, Canada. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 year old and I’ve been skiing bumps since I was 7 year old. When I first started freestyle skiing at Le Relais, Québec, I was really angry at my parents. They thought it would be an amazing chance for me to try new things…like jumping, going down a mogul course, ski fast and eventually compete and have fun doing it. Believe it or not, I was really scared. I also thought that I would be the only one girl on the Le Relais team. Well you know what, I was wrong and they were right. I always say my mom is right but she is really always right. I did had fun freestyle skiing and they’re was actually 2 other girls about the same age with me!

    After a few years of competing at regional and provincial competitions, I was promoted to the Québec team! At the age of 13 year old, I was becoming more and more serious about this sport. At age of 16, after a couple good results on the noram circuit, I made the national team. In that same year, I did my first world cup in Mont-Tremblant Québec and competed at 7 world cups around the world. I even won the ”rookie of the year” trophy. The season after, 2006, were the Olympic games. OLYMPIC GAMES! Isn’t it the most prestigious competition in the whole world? Maybe not as big as the Stanley cup but for amateur athlete like me, it was THE competition. Coming every 4 years, the olympics is the reason why I skied. Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed to be an olympian and even wanted to be the olympic champion. In 2006, one of my dream came true. I was an olympian. Probably the best feeling in the world. Millions of peoples watching you, your family cheering you on, your community is behind you…overall, best feeling and experience of my life. I was set for 2010 in Vancouver. Here in my country! The only Olympic games I absolutely didn’t wanna miss! But unfortunately, I failed to qualified. I was so close…I could almost taste it again. Every athlete will probably agree with me that in 4 years, you have a lot of ups and downs. It is a really bumpy road.

    Follow me and my journey toward the next Olympic Games in Korea.