• The winter is officially over for me! Best way to end it with a second place in single and a first place in duals at nationals last weekend in Apex!
  • I wanna thank everyone who helped me make this season so memorable. It was absolutely the most fun I had competing in a very long time! Going to the Olympics was definitely the highlight of my winter but competing, training and traveling with my friends is what makes it the funnest!
  • Thanks JP, Marc, Steve, Adrian and Jo for coaching me/training me.
  • Thanks to all the physios, doctors and massage therapists for keeping me in one piece. Amazed I ended my season healthier than when it started!
  • Thanks to my beautiful teammates Christel, Clare, Alex-Anne, Andi, Kiera and Myriam for pushing me to be a better athlete and for reminding me that fun comes first.
  • Thanks to my wonderful sponsors. Check them out here.
  • Last but not least, huge thank you goes to my family and friends, especially my mom, my dad and my brother Sam.
  • Love you all

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